The Quill

Territory: Scandinavia

What do you do when the entire world shuts down and everything comes to a sudden stop? For THE QUILL the only option was to stay creative and continue working to keep a sane mind. Once again reuniting with Erik Nilsson in the 491-Studio in Oskarshamn they set out to produce a worthy follow-up to the much praised Born From Fire (2017). 

Roger – Working with Erik is a smooth ride – he knows us and we him. He works fast but doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to performance and sound.

Building a sound based on a broad spectrum of influences THE QUILL have over the years proven to release one high-quality album after another since their debut in 1995. By now a well oiled machine the writing- and recording process for EARTHRISE once again proved really fruitful with close to 20 songs finished and recorded. 

Christian – One of the harder things this time was to decide what should go on the album and what we should leave behind. But when it was time to make decisions we all agreed surprisingly fast on which nine songs should make it on the album.

New songs Hallucinate and Keep On Moving oozes confidence and adrenaline well suited for the stage, Left Brain Blues and the title track Earthrise reeks of Black Sabbath in their hayday whereas cuts like Dwarf Planet and Evil Omen dips into the same pool as the heavy psychedelic sides of early Led Zeppelin or Uriah Heep. 

Jolle – Several of the songs were road tested on our trek with US Stoner legends Nebula and went down a storm even though no one had heard the songs before which gave us confidence we were on to something special.