What we do

Concerts Alive, founded in 2017, is a booking agency based in Sweden. Since the beginning we have booked countless concerts for artists such as Airbourne, Saxon, The Darkness and many others.
Since 2022,

Concerts Alive has been collaborating with the Swedish festival Skogsröjet.

“I’ve known Martin since he was a teenager and with the same will,tenacity and conviction he had then, he now runs Concerts Alive.

We have found a perfect formula for my wishes as an artist.”

– Nicke Borg, Backyard Babies

“Happy to see that the torch of rock ‘n’ roll has been passed on to the next generation with guys like Martin Karlsson.

His agency Concerts Alive understand that it takes not only hard work but also dedication and professionalism.

I am very happy with the effort he has contributed to getting me out there performing live. I look forward to many more shows!”  

– Ryan Roxie, Alice Cooper Band

“Martin is awesome! He is always available and he is constantly booking shows.

In addition, there is always a good, ongoing dialogue that drives everything forward all the time.

The name of his company could not be more fitting.”

– Conny Bloom, Electric Boys, ex Hanoi Rocks

“Martin is the consumate professional coupled with personal warmth and dedication.

For a band like Prins Svart, it is a luxury to be represented by Concerts Alive. We view any given opportunity with the same eyes, which makes working together fun and stress-free.”

– Henrik Bergqvist, Prins Svart, ex The Poodles