Black Ingvars

Territory: Scandinavia


This is how you summarize the most important things that has happened in the history of music.
And if you don’t like Mozart, it’s enough to know this:

In 1995 BLACK INGVARS released their first record; Earcandy Six. A fusion between the best of hard rock and the worst of dance band music. The success was a fact. The album sold gold and platinum in a matter of weeks. Success throughout the Nordics! The band toured 320 days in a row, breaking every imaginable audience record. The newspapers was filled with snarky articles about the boys
wild rampage along the roads. Time for the next challenge: the difficult second album.

Earcandy 5 became the name and of course it was just as big a success. Gold records and even more touring followed.

In 1997, it was time to write music history again. This time, well-known children’s songs were mixed with heavy, snorting hard rock. The band recorded 14 videos which were broadcast every morning on TV 4’s news programme. The kids loved it. And the parents too. The album sold an incredible 178,000 copies in Sweden alone.

In 1998 it was time for another milestone in Nordic culture; SchlagerMetal. The band made a scandalous appearance in the Schlagerfestivalen and ended up in an honorable 4th place. Do we need to mention that this record also sold both gold and platinum? From 1998 to 2000, the guys went on one long, crazy, sold-out tour.

After hundreds of gigs and over 800,000 records sold, tired of hotel rooms, flights, bus trips, bad food, long boring sound checks and above all – each other – the guys took a long and much needed break that lasted until 2008.

But now Black Ingvars are ready to meet the audience again. Are you…?